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Canciones del camino (Covers)

Pancho Fuentes

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Pancho Fuentes

Pancho Fuentes

(Quito, Ecuador)
Una nueva tendencia para un nuevo genero electrinico


Music has been a passion for Pancho, he began to mix at a very young age, in 97 he began to mix in small parties, with time he acquired the necessary knowledge for the production of songs that he performed.


He born in Quito in 82, in this city the electronic music has a very big impact in young people, as well many djs have came to the city and made very good live performances.


What he most admire is the passion that some DJ`s give to the music; Dj Dero, Sash, Antifunky, Mauro Picotto, Antoine Clamaran are his most favorites and his first inspiration in the art of mixing.


He has converted with the time in a professional of the mixing, with about 30 remix productions and around 5 own songs. In the future he will be in scene with the most recognized djs of the world.

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